What makes the windows in the kitchen so gross and how to clean them?

The kitchen is where magic happens. Where the cakes are baked and the roast for dinner is cooked, where the people are gathering around the splendid aroma of a Saturday lunch or where they decide to bake a chocolate brownie in 3 in the morning just for fun. These days, however, unfortunately, the only magic that happens is the gathering of the boxes from take away around the holy microwave. Oh, no, no, you are still cooking sometime, but just not as often as in the old times. For this reason, when you find out that the kitchen is in miserable condition and the windows there are so gross, you are shocked and terrified. What made them terrible, you are wondering?dirt-88534_640 Well, no matter how often you are cooking, every time you are preparing something for dinner apart from sandwiches, the air is getting denser and more polluted and this all goes to the windows, which are now so dirty that you could hardly see anything through them.

However, instead of staying there in the middle of the kitchen and complaining, you could easily cope with this situation and clean them so well that the view could be crystal clear. What you need first is a very strong detergent that you could use for the inner side of the window. Only thus you can remove all the grease gathered. Then you can clean the outer side first with wet clout only, thus removing the dust and the dirt. Then with a normal, traditional windows cleaning detergent go through their entire surface. Only then, when you have completed these steps, you can perfect the condition of the windows with the magical microfiber cloth. In only half an hour you will be done. And the windows will look stunning.

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