How to clean and polish the copper products at home

It is well known that copper products are part of any modern home. Whether it comes to tableware or decorations, copper material, requires regular cleaning and polishing to maintain its good looks. For this reason we have summarized for you the most popular and effective methods for cleaning and polishing of copper products, which will be indispensable helpers in spring cleaning in every household.

Meet the cleaning power of the lemon

In combination with salt, lemon can do wonders with your copper pots. How? Sprinkle salt over half a lemon and rub it on stubborn spots on the court. When cleaning delicate items, squeeze lemon into a bowl, add salt and treat with a dampened soft cloth. If you are afraid to damage using salt, we recommend using only a lemon.

Another idea to use lemon for cleaning copper pots

There is another similar method and it involves mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda with a few tablespoons of lemon juice. The method of cleaning is identical, use a soft cloth, then rinse with warm water and polish with beeswax for the perfect result.

An alternative solution is the use of vinegar

If you do not have a lemon, use vinegar, but note that cleaning it might not be so effective. To clean copper products, mix 1 tablespoon salt and 1 cup of white vinegar. Using a soft cloth rub the mixture in a copper vessel and rub hard. Then wash the container with soap and water and wipe again with a soft towel.

More subtle whims for cleaning with vinegar

Another similar version suitable for stubborn dirt to pour the mixture of salt and vinegar in a bowl of appropriate size, and then supplement it with water. Place the copper product in the water and let it simmer until stains disappear. The procedure for rinsing and drying remains the same. A third popular method for cleaning copper products containing vinegar and salt and includes a flour.In the same mixture of vinegar and salt and add flour to obtain a homogeneous slurry. Spread mixture over the copper article by emphasizing the most polluted areas. Leave it for a period between 15 minutes and an hour, then rinse with warm water and polish.

According to some the ketchup is a worthy rival

Here the hosts are not unanimous and some argue that ketchup was amazing helper to clean copper products, other-deny it. However, if you have decided to try smear court or with ketchup stain, let stand for a few minutes, then scrub the dirt with a soft cloth. Should re-rinse with lukewarm water and polishing. Due to its controversial effect, we recommend using it to remove stains from small areas.

If you are not confident in these proposals, use acetone

As we know, the acetone is an organic compound, which bit is used most often as a solvent and is the main ingredient of nail polish remover. Since the acetone evaporates very quickly, you need to apply it in the fastest possible way to the copper surface. It is also suitable as a solution for immersion of the copper products, as this method ensures the fall of the oxidised particles to the axis of the pure metal.

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